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Welcome to the web site of Garry McMichael, landscape painter and photographer. I think of myself as the documentarian of the mundane, whether it’s a rural school bus on a country road, an urban skyline, forgotten objects, or the activities of people doing ordinary things. To draw attention to my subjects I attempt to capture them during those fleeting moments when the atmospheric conditions and the ever-changing light come together in a flash of visual inspiration. It is at those moments that I attempt to turn everyday situations and objects into unforgettable imagery, be it in the form of a photograph or a painting.

For over three decades I have explored Middle America, especially the Ozarks, capturing its beauty, people and objects with the camera, charcoals, pencil, pastels and paint. Whether you are inspired by the ebb and flow of the Mississippi River, a quiet walk through the rugged Ozark mountains, or watching a summer thunderstorm roll across Kansas I hope you will appreciate the art of Garry McMichael. Enjoy.


                                              St Louis Arch after the storm

Spring 2013:  Recently a couple of friends who had never been to St Louis flew in for a long weekend visit.  One of the first things they wanted to see was what we affectionately refer to as The Arch.  Despite the fact that it was already dark and drizzling rain I couldn't resist driving my friends across the Eads Bridge to the east side of the Mississippi River for a first hand look at what I consider one of the most exciting 20th Century sculptures ever built.  In the drizzle, the lights of the city had turned the low hanging clouds a foggy, golden orange color.  I can't recall ever seeing the Arch looking more mysterious or beautiful.  It was at that moment I realized for the past fifteen years I have been taking the The Arch for granted - seeing it daily, but not really seeing it.  It was at that moment I decided to make the St. Louis Arch my visual "Muse" for the next year to photograph, sketch and paint it, but most importantly become reacquainted with it.

If you feel as strongly as I do  about this magnificant wonder come back often and view my latest interpretations of the St. Louis Arch. Visit my WHAT'S NEW page and you will find a special link to an ever growing collection of St Louis Arch imagery and a link to purchasing your own prints.

All materials and artwork contained on this website are copyrighted by Garry McMichael
and can not be downloaded, copied or used without written permission.